Friday, September 7, 2007

Hearing Screening

Don't forget .... this is one of our biggest service projects for our community. We'll test nearly 1000 school-age kids hearing in just a few weeks. Schedule as follows: Monday Sept. 24th Bel-Air Elementary Tuesday Sept. 25th East Lincoln Elementary
Wednesday Sept. 26th Hickerson Station
Thursday Sept. 27th Robert E. Lee Elementary Friday Sept. 28th Farrar Elementary Thursday Oct. 4th St. Paul Academy If you haven't signed up yet, call Tammy Overman to see where we need help. If you've worked this, you know how much fun it is....if you haven't , we'll train you so you too can have a blast with the kids in our community. See you next Wednesday! Gary O

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Anonymous said...

This schedule will be updated tomorrow due to changes made by school system.